Ethical dilemmas facing communication development

There will almost always be unforeseen issues when advancing and upgrading technology. (Finn, 1995) Developing technology requires every minuscule detail to be updated; this can include squashing system bugsĀ andĀ ensuring the Java coding is both correct and up to date with your servers. This takes an enormous amount of time and patience, which quite possibly mightĀ not be enough.

Communication technologies are always advancing, which means millions of people are wanting the mostĀ easy andĀ efficient forms of communication. This is where a major developing issue comes in, maintaining the usage of millions of people around the globe. As it is very difficult to replicate the strain of constant usage overĀ technological communications; when released to the public, overloading can become a major issue, especially within the first week.Ā (Microsoftcom, 2004)Ā  When developing any kind of technology that involves large numbers of usage, there are inevitable ethical dilemmas that must be considered.

There are three major aspects to address when discussing ethics and communication technologies: Visual/Video, Audio/Sound and Text. Each of these topicsĀ posses similar ethical dilemmas that individuals deal with on a daily basis such as: reaffirming negative choices made by an individual to raise their self-esteem, or ignoring another person’s distracting/annoying habits to allow them to be happy.

Other issues that only pertain to communication technologies are: attempting to constantly contact someone with notifications who does not want to talk/reply and, publicly posting false statements/negative opinionsĀ online that benefits you in some way but disadvantages/marginalizes othersĀ as well asĀ altering truthful statements for personal gain.


Ethically speaking, overloading communication servers isn’t too much of an issue. As there are so many communication options for individuals to chose from, it is not difficult to chat with others in different manners. There are still many ethical issues that face the internet as individual user morals differ fromĀ one another,Ā thisĀ creates a dialog for issues to be addressed and resolved in a global manor.



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